Wagerr will be implementing cutting edge PIVX technology!

If you’ve been following @wagerr you must have known that they had planned to release their main and testnet including their wallet and Oracle Masternode functionality on the 15th.

Sadly this hasn’t been the case but the team communicated it about the why very well. Apparently they discovered a bug and they wanted to take the necessary time in order to make sure that the fix to get rid of the bug would be the best fix possible for Wagerr. The focus clearly wasn’t short term, they did the right thing in my opinion to think about the long term and properly fix what needs to be fixed.

Today the Wagerr team informed us a bit more and here is what they posted on social media:


The message that I take from this is that Wagerr definitely wants to do everything possible to deliver what must be ‘first time right’. There is no room for quick fixes that could potentially make things more difficult in the long term.

But what I found even more interesting is their appraisal for the work that @pivx has been doing. As many of you all know PIVX recently implemented their own adaptation of the Zerocoin protocol, called zPIV, for the first time ever in a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency making it amazingly private. This is cutting edge technology. Many other crypto teams for sure are aware of this and many teams as a matter of fact have copied PIVX tech and basically that’s OK, but I can’t name one that actually have said “PIVX has done such a great job, we’re going to make use of that technology”.

Wagerr basically did just that, kudos! And the Wagerr CEO, David Mah, explained that he insisted that the team merged that powerful technology into the code base now, sooner rather than later.

Congrats to PIVX for delivering cutting edge technology. Congrats to Wagerr for recognizing that work and openly communicating about the use of it. It’s very chic.

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