We binge watched The Sinner, it was real good!


Netflix delivered once again with a great binge watch worthy show: The Sinner. It has 8 episodes and when my wife and I started watching yesterday we had to finish it almost in one go. Of course as with almost anything if you will enjoy this series is a matter of taste but perhaps my opinion might interest you. The series that came to our mind that we also enjoyed was True Detective (only the first season though, we didn’t finish the second season). Both my wife and I agreed that the first season of True Detective was a tiny bit better than The Sinner, but The Sinner comes in at a very close second. Perhaps Mindhunter (although it’s not as heavy) fits the same category as well which we also enjoyed and might give you a little more reference in taste.

The storyline

A lot has been written about it already and perhaps you have already read something about the first episode. Something happens in it that immediately sets the tone for the entire season. The Sinner follows the story of a young woman who commits an horrific act of violence and rage but she really has no idea why. An investigator who becomes obsessed with the case becomes determined to dig into her past and figure out “why” this is happening.

The first episode caught us by surprise and it proved to have us wanting to continue watching. Little by little you get to learn bits and pieces about the woman’s past but very little gets unfold up until the last episode. What they did very very well is that right up until that last episode all possible plots you can imagine are still quite possible. And your mind will definitely explore sick/perverted ideas. Take a look at this eerie looking person…


If you enjoy series in which a specific case gets unraveled step by step you’ll probably enjoy The Sinner.

The Cast

The Sinner rests mainly on the shoulders of Jessica Biel (playing the woman) and Bill Pullman (playing the investigator). Jessica plays an excellent part and never gets annoying. The moment we first saw Bill Pullman we thought he could get a bit annoying but to our surprise he played an excellent part as well.


At first sight you might say that The Sinner is about Jessica Biel’s character but after thinking about it you might also say that it’s almost as much about Bill Pullman’s character as Jessica’s. We not only follow her life in the present and past but we also follow Bill’s life closely as there are reasons why he takes up such an interest in this case.

My opinion

The Sinner has a good story, good acting, the soundtrack is good, the way its filmed is very good… everything adds up for us to mark this a must see series. If you’re into this genre that is. Think of True Detective (first season only), think of Mindhunter. We enjoyed it very much.

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