Will 2018 be the year of privacy focused cryptocurrency? How does PIVX compare to Monero or ZCoin?

Cryptocurrencies are booming

It’s no secret cryptocurrency is getting hotter and hotter. We see and hear more and more about it in the news and in many other media outlets. More and more (non-technical oriented) people are coming onboard and that’s a good thing. I don’t care if they join because of FOMO or any other reason, they join. In the end it will help the crypto sphere mature but before we will see any serious maturing I think it’s good to realize that we are still many many millions away. 2018, in my opinion, will be a year of growth like we’ve never seen before on many different levels.

Privacy features will boost the crypto sphere to maturity

The reason the majority of the population still isn’t into cryptocurrency is basically because there is a lack of trust. All the bubble talk is an example of it. People don’t have enough trust because a number of reasons and one of them is privacy. Therefor it’s a good thing that privacy is what many cryptocurrency teams are working on. If privacy features get implemented and it passes all the tests this can result in a major boost in crypto adoption. I’ve been reading a lot of predictions about what cryptocurrency will do in 2018. One of the things I’ve read a lot is that 2018 will be the year of privacy focused cryptocurrency. But with so many different cryptocurrencies on the market it’s hard to compare them. This is why I’m always glad to see charts that are easy to read.

A few days ago the @pivx team released a chart of their own in which PIVX gets compared to Monero and Zcoin.


We all know the best tech doesn’t always win, history has taught us that. But in the case of cryptocurrency the best tech should win and PIVX is looking really good. Of course there are many others currently focussing on privacy so I’m very curious how this all will play out.

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