Yesterday @thetimminator, @guchtere and myself ate at “The Rough Kitchen”, a BBQ specialty restaurant!

Yesterday I met up with @thetimminator, @guchtere and another buddy of ours to go to one of “The Rough Kitchen” restaurants which is located in Scheveningen (The Netherlands). I had never heard of the “The Rough Kitchen” but I wish I had sooner. Turns out they’re actually pretty famous in the BBQ (restaurant) scene. Founded by a world champion in “whole pig roasting”, a true BBQ expert, I had high expectations and boy were they met…

The restaurant is located on the pier which is organized kind of as a foodhal. We had a reservation and we were quickly seated. I have to say, the staff was very friendly and helpful so kudos for that.

Here’s a picture of @thetimminator and myself (I’m the dude on the right).

This is The Rough Kitchen. Being on the pier it kind of has that beach vibe going on.

Their menu is pretty simple. It’s like a little flyer. Here’s the front.

And here’s the back with what you can actually order.

At the moment they had BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, BBQ snacks and a tasting platter to choose from (they change it up every now and then, when we were there they had just taken their spareribs of the menu and replace them with hot dogs). Everything on the menu sounded great so we kind of ordered everything! We started of with 2 tasting platters which had a little bit of everything. After finishing those platters we had to keep eating because it was just so good. We ordered a pulled pork sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, a bacon basher dog and chicken wings.

Here’s a photo of the tasting platters.

Now that I’m thinking of the food and looking at the photo my mouth started watering again. Expectations were met and then some. The food was awesome and thats an understatement. Literally everything was excellent. You could really tell these guys are experts. There are levels when it comes to the BBQ-ing game and I reckon these guys are at the top.

If you have the chance to drop by one of The Rough Kitchen restaurants, make sure you do. You will not regret it.

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